Welcome to a world where colours, texture and form blend in mind bending ways, for creations that are open to a thousand interpretations.

Sandhya Mandore née Rathi based out of Pune (India) specializes in painting abstracts using contemporary techniques. Having had no formal training in the arts, her paintings  draw upon her natural gifts of a strong sense of design and aesthetics. Sandhya is a largely self-taught painter who has learnt and been inspired by the works of fellow artists and evolved her craft through her endless experimentation based on popular techniques in abstract painting. 

Originally hailing from Nagpur (India), post marriage Sandhya lived for a few years in Mumbai (India) and has thereafter been settled in Pune since 1984. With a masters in dietetics and having practiced as a dietitian with several renowned hospitals for 10 years, in 2007 Sandhya decided to give in to her long denied passion for design and her dream to foray into a creative field. She then got trained in graphic design and has been undertaking a variety of freelance projects in graphic design ever since. In what seemed almost like a natural outcome of her creative proclivities, in 2021 she developed a penchant for painting and began voraciously studying and practicing modern techniques in abstract painting. And ever since, there's been no turning back ! 

Sandhya works with  a variety of mediums including Acrylic on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, Combinations with Texturizing medium', Glue mixtures and more. Each of her artworks is available for purchase only as the unique hand-painted original i.e no digital duplicates (prints) are made or sold by us.  You can also commission abstract paintings in styles, sizes and colour combinations of Your choice.